step 1:

Meet with our in house jewellery stylist & begin discussing your favoured styles and ideas.

Step 2:

Once some ideas are flowing our jewellery stylist will begin drawing sketches & showing you stock jewellery to give you the best visual of what you're unique piece will become once complete.


Step 3:

After choosing a design, the next part is to source stones, once received you will be contacted for a follow up appointment to choose your preferred diamond, or precious stone, particularly with diamonds we can source a range of stones tailored toward your budget, giving you a nice variety to select from.


Step 4:

Once a design has been finalised the creation phase begins. Depending upon the complexity of the design this process can usually take anywhere from 4-6 weeks, each unique piece is a labour of love & great pride is taken in producing a piece of jewellery that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Step 5:

the final & probably the most exciting step, admiring & collecting your very own unique piece of jewellery that is as individual as you!


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